What do you get when you combine Mike Oldfield and Philip Glass mixed in with orchestrations of Micheal Kamen and the epic-ness of Hans Zimmer while being inspired by the great music written by James Horner while growing up listening to Marrillion, The Electric light orchestra and Clanned?

Johan is a veteran Dutch filmmusic composer, producer and song writer who owns Soundgram Post – an audio/music production studio in Utrecht, in the heart of the The Netherlands.  His 25 year career includes soundtrack work on nearly 100 films, documentaries and broadcast television shows, as well hundreds of sessions producing bands, writing and/or producing songs for artist like Paul de Leeuw, TARA, Case Closed, Jim Leijen, Martine Sandifort and Leonie van der Klein to name a few. He is a former board member of BUMA/STEMRA and led the Dutch Media & Film Composers (BCMM) for ten years as president. 

He owns and manages the Final Cue Music production library, an international online music resource represented by more than a dozen sub-publishers in different countries around the world.

An experienced composer, Johan van der Voet has earned a reputation as a thoughtful soundtrack artist who writes precise, effective underscores that support the story narrative – first and foremost.  His catalog includes music for crime, medical and horror genres, but his specialty is creating intricate orchestral tracks and ambient soundscapes for drama scored specifically to picture.  This is especially effective for intimate movies, character driven films and sensitive documentary subjects.Over the last few years his influence has grown as he has provided music for the Discovery Channel, NBC, MTV, NPO and the BBC among others.

After being nominated Holland’s ‘Best Media Composer’ by Buma/Stemra in 2012, more accolades followed. His score “The Future Behind“ helped the feature documentary secure nominations and prizes in several film festivals in 2014.  Next the score for “Clocking Paper” [USA feature] got a CD release which can be found here, or streamed. After that his work with director Mark Weistra in 2015 and 2018 produced the feature films “Kristen” and later “Het Verhoor” who both were premiered at famous Dutch film festivals and won several prices and nominations. Johan also scored “Wognum”, a documentary for NPO/VPRO broadcast which won the “Beste film – Pathé Tuschinski Award” at the prestigious Netherlands Film Festival in October 2018. Since than he has been working on two more feature films and TV shows while producing several commercial pop songs and library tracks.

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