The Ugly Model 29/07/2021

Korean American adoptee and fitness model Kevin Kreider has spent his whole career trying to answer the question:”Can Asian men be sexy?” THE UGLY MODEL examines the paradox of a handsome male model who feels ashamed, ugly and emasculated in America because of his Asian ethnicity. Kevin reclaims his masculinity by challenging America’s standard on male beauty and questioning if beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Wognum 05/12/2018

Sinds tien jaar is de 42-jarige Matthijs gabber. Na een jeugd vol pesterijen en eenzaamheid vond hij tussen het raven, slikken en stampen door echte vriendschappen en warmte in deze toch ruig ogende dansscene. Maar ondanks alles blijft Matthijs in deze documentaire vastzitten in een moeras van teleurstellingen. Zijn relatie met z’n vriend René loopt niet lekker en Matthijs voelt zich overdag vooral prettig op zolder, tussen zijn modeltreintjes. Ook daar achtervolgt zijn grote droom hem alsnog: het liefst werd…

Future Behind 07/06/2013

25 minute documentary about the Himba in Namibia. A company has build a dam, that wil set this Himba village under water. Directed by Frank Dorren. Music & mixing Johan van der Voet

Bunker Path 07/06/2013

One of four short films about the Dutch defending bunkers and forts near Utrecht. Directed by Frank Dorren. Music by Johan van der Voet / Soundgram

Fort Rijnauwen 01/05/2012

Photographic impression of Fort Rijnauwen near Utrecht with shots of nature and music. Part of the Dutch waterlinie from the 18 hundreds.

Far Away Future 01/04/2011

Trailer of the docudrama Far away future. A film about two teenage girls (Nana & Gaja) on the verge of becoming women. They belong to the Himba tribe living in koakaveld in the North of Namibia. Gaja becomes increasingly convinced that her future lies in the city, far away from the Himba tribe. In the city where she can achieve anything, be anyone, a nurse, a saleswoman of clothes… Nana does not wish to leave the tribe. She is content…

Fireman 17/03/1920

Old black & white movie about fireman in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Music composed by Johan P. van der Voet Performed by the HKU student ensemble during the Dutch filmfestival.

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