Hopsa Heisasa – Short Film Clip 29/07/2021

Singing Hopsa, heisasa makes Willem feel less lonely. But when he meets the drowned ghost of Isra, who’s afraid to go on to the afterlife without her lost teddybear, he discovers there’s more behind the song than merely giving love and solace.

The Ugly Model 29/07/2021

Korean American adoptee and fitness model Kevin Kreider has spent his whole career trying to answer the question:”Can Asian men be sexy?” THE UGLY MODEL examines the paradox of a handsome male model who feels ashamed, ugly and emasculated in America because of his Asian ethnicity. Kevin reclaims his masculinity by challenging America’s standard on male beauty and questioning if beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Het Verhoor – Film Clip 16/03/2019

Feature length black & white movie by Mark Weistra about a police interrogation of a suspect who might have killed and raped manny little girls. It’s up to August to prove who did it.

Lift Boy 27/04/2018

An introvert liftboy (Harry Piekema) has a crush on the cleaning lady of their apartment building. Everytime he tries to woo her they are interrupted by noisy hipsters who are on their way to the housewarming party of the snobistic penthouse owner. As the evening progresses the party intensifies and the liftboy’s courage starts to wane.

The Persistence Of Memory 01/05/2017

The Persistence Of Memory is a short graduate film by director Luca Izebout. It features talent Megan de Kruif who is a young talent that shortly after this short film got here TV debut.

Straks Is Alles Anders 27/04/2016

“Straks is Alles Anders” is a Dutch short film about the unconditional love between the 11-years old fraternal twins Joosje and Rosa. Their parents, Peter and Miranda, still live in a toxic marriage and in this vacuum of love, the twins’ attachment to one another grows stronger even more. They live by their own rules, their own values. When they break these rules in a night that seems surreal, their relationship starts to crumble.

Future Behind 07/06/2013

25 minute documentary about the Himba in Namibia. A company has build a dam, that wil set this Himba village under water. Directed by Frank Dorren. Music & mixing Johan van der Voet

L’Inhumaine 01/05/2013

With a team of composers, including Bob Zimmerman and Loek Dikker we re scored this classic film from the 1920. This segment is composed by Johan van der Voet. Recorded with life performance by the Metropole Orchestra.

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